Packaging concept for Open Funk

Home electronics made in Germany.

We have developed a tailor-made, aesthetically pleasing and secure packaging solution for the re:Mix from the Berlin-based company Open Funk.

Requirements and customer needs

As well as functionality, safety and maximum product protection, Open Funk wanted to make the process of unpacking the blender quick and intuitive, and give the customer a refreshingly positive experience. Special attention had to be paid to the sensitive parts – the knob and the glass. For Open Funk, sustainability is a core corporate value that should be reflected not only in the product, but also in the associated packaging concept.

Packaging development

Produktbild Re:Mix von Open Funk

The blender, with its built-in electronics, must fit exactly into the mould to ensure the best possible protection during transport. It should be intuitive to pack and unpack. The packaging should encourage people to hold the box upwards (if it is held sideways, the weight of the motor inside the re:Mix could damage the construction). Therefore, at the customer’s request, we placed the glass crosswise and incorporated intuitive grip holes in the horizontally positioned moulding to make unpacking easier. As always, the challenge was to minimise packaging while maximising product protection.

In several coordination loops with prototype testing, we worked closely with the customer to develop a robust and aesthetically pleasing protective packaging that met all the customer’s requirements at an affordable price. Our goal was achieved: the re:Mix is shipped safely and ecologically, and our customer is happy!

Zahlen | Daten | Fakten

Eine Verpackungseinheit (VPE)  besteht aus vier passgenauen Formteile für den Mixer und ein Glas.

Produktgewicht: ca. 2,7 kg
Produktmaße:   14x13x19 cm

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Ordering PROSERVATION cushion corners

We offer our protective corners in sales units (PU) of 750 pieces each.

The following table contains the price scale:

quantityunit priceprice per selling unit
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MengeStückpreisPreis / VE
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3.750-6.0000,45 €337,50 €
6.750-12.0000,40 €300,00 €
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