Transport packaging for Bredder Balanceboards

The brand’s sports equipment combines a passion for craftsmanship, design and functionality, appealing to all sports enthusiasts with a sense of aesthetics.

Our packaging design reflects the sporting dynamism of the packaged product and the brand experience of our customer. Using minimal materials to create a customised solution meets aesthetic requirements.

Requirements and customer needs

Lovingly handcrafted, the Bredder Balance Boards provide an effective home workout to improve body balance, strength and fitness. Made from selected materials to ensure the highest product quality. Bredder has high aesthetic and quality standards for the materials used in its own products and wants this to be reflected in its packaging. The core of the boards, which are handmade here in the region, needed to be packaged: the specially turned solid wood wheel for a direct riding experience. The board retains its shape and is unbeatable in terms of durability, quality and design. Some are supplied with a balance bar that attaches with a carabiner, providing an effective stand-up paddling simulation in the living room. The solution had to be tailored to reflect their understanding of the brand and provide an intelligent response to their needs.

packaging development

Produktbild Bredder Home SUP

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Eine Verpackungseinheit (VPE)  besteht aus vier passgenauen Formteilen für die Paketenden.

Produktgewicht: ca. 0,8 kg
Produktmaße:   18x15x80 cm

The dynamic wave look that also characterises the Bredder logo is reflected in our precision moulded parts. Our packaging design conveys the dynamism of the Bredder brand identity. At the same time, the packaging is kept as minimalist as possible and ensures an extremely simple packaging process. A particular challenge in designing the moulded parts of the packaging was that the rod and reel are connected by a snap hook, which had to be specially encased to prevent unwanted scratches on the reel. We found the perfect solution to this challenge with an ingenious design. The product is now secure, aesthetically pleasing and uniquely packaged to suit the customer.

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