Our Approach

Packaging with reason.

“For a world in which all packaging is ecologically sound.”

PROSERVATION’s mission is to establish ecologically as well as economically sound packaging solutions. With our approach of developing sustainable and plastic-free cushioning packaging made from plant residues, we aim to identify opportunities for change, reduce environmental impact and combine the protection of packaged goods with the protection of our natural livelihoods.

In doing so, our business activities are guided by the following four principles. To learn more about them, simply click on the icons:

Instead of always needing something new and continuing to process fossil raw materials for new plastic packaging in an energy-intensive way, our organic packaging material RECOU consists of largely unused plant residues. The starting material for our packaging is grain husks, the wrappings of cereal grains, which are already produced daily in large quantities during local grain processing. This means that no additional land or resources are required and no additional trees are felled.

Even when developing our manufacturing process or equipping our business infrastructure, we are guided by the basic principle of drawing inspiration from across the industry and using what already exists wherever possible.

Bioeconomy is the ecological counterpart to the fossil economy and dispenses with the use of petroleum-based plastics. The aim is to achieve a more sustainable form of production and consumption that is oriented towards natural material cycles and based on the efficient use of biogenic resources such as plants, animals and microorganisms.

RECOU represents a bioeconomic alternative to existing materials such as Styrofoam, as it consists of 100% purely plant-based ingredients and biodegrades easily after its use as a packaging padding material.

Our aim is to strengthen regional added value and primary production and thus increase our independence from international supply and production conditions. We cooperate with local spelt mills in the region and would like to reduce the necessary transport routes to a minimum in the future through the most decentralized production possible.

RECOU should be used as long as possible for the respective application and kept in the cycle. After the use phase as packaging material, our material can be reprocessed as a new feedstock in the existing process and reused for further applications such as board and insulation material. Since RECOU consists of purely plant-based ingredients, it biodegrades without any problems and can also be disposed of in garden waste, compost or the organic waste garbage can.

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Our Impact

We see ourselves as part of a new generation of companies that strives for real change and wants to contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development through its business activities. That is why it is very important to us to closely interlink our business model with our impact model and to communicate it transparently.

We are aware that a serious, quantitative impact measurement of the socio-ecological benefits of our products is a constant process of continuous optimization. To begin with, we would like to start with the following key figures:

Substituted plastic packaging (in liter)
4.500+ liter
550.000 litre
Upcycling of the residual material grain husks (in kg)
600+ kg
85,000 kg

Our impact model was developed in collaboration with LOOM IMPACT.


Our Journey
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Our Journey

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Ordering PROSERVATION cushion corners

We offer our protective corners in sales units (PU) of 750 pieces each.

The following table contains the price scale:

quantityunit priceprice per selling unit
750-3.0000,50 €375,00 €
3.750-6.0000,45 €337,50 €
6.750-12.0000,40 €300,00 €
>12.000On request

plus shipping costs

Bestellung von PROSERVATION Schutzecken

Wir bieten unsere Schutzecke in Verkaufseinheiten (VE) von je 750 Stück an.

Die folgende Tabelle enthält die Preisstaffelung:

MengeStückpreisPreis / VE
750-3.0000,50 €375,00 €
3.750-6.0000,45 €337,50 €
6.750-12.0000,40 €300,00 €
>12.000Auf Anfrage

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