The benefits of using RECOU

natur kreislauf

regional residues

Regional residues

  • plasticfree natural material
  • bio-degradable
  • use of regional residues



  • lower licence fees
  • Competitive prices through scaling
  • Promotes regional value creation

visible sustainability

visible sustainability

  • ecological at first sight
  • appealing design
  • underlines your sus­tain­ability ambitions
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unique solutions

unique solutions

  • individual & tailored solutions
  • securely protected products
  • WOW-experience for your customers

Standardised transport protection

With standardised moulded packaging parts like the PROSERVATION cushion corner – our first series product – a whole range of companies can protect their square products ecologically and safely for transport.


Deine Vorteile Mit Recou

  • plastikfreies Naturmaterial
  • biologisch abbaubar
  • Verwendung regionaler Reststoffe
  • Verringerte Lizenzabgaben
  • Kostenvorteile schon heute bei Kleinserien
  • Konkurrenzfähige Preise auch bei größeren Serien nach Skalierung
  • Fördert regionale Wertschöpfung
  • Ökologisch auf den ersten Blick
  • Ansprechendes Design
  • Tolles Auspack-Erlebnis
  • Unterstreicht Eure Nachhaltigkeitsambitionen
  • Individuelle & passgenaue Lösungen
  • Sicher geschützte Produkte
  • WOW-Erlebnis bei Deinen Kund*innen

The PROSERVATION cushion corner

Dimensions of the PROSERVATION protective/ cushion corner:

65 x 65 x 65 mm
Wall thickness: 20 mm
Weight: ~30 g

Our sustainable cushion corners made from grain husks are designed to reliably absorb shocks and vibrations, are vibration and shock-absorbing and are therefore an alternative to polystyrene for corner and edge protection.

With comparable properties to polystyrene, they offer optimum cushioning protection and are ideal for transporting electronic equipment or all types of fragile goods, such as glass, porcelain or plastic. More information can be found on the “Our Material” page.

Any other questions?

Our packaging specialists are on hand to answer any questions you may have. We are here to help!

email: | phone: +49 711 45141727 | +49 1525 3019021

Edge lengths from 50 to 150 mm with wall thicknesses from 15 to 45 mm can be easily produced.

further standard products

By clicking on one of the pictures below, you can send an enquiry about the corresponding product:

Die PROSERVATION Glasuntersetzer aus Getreidespelzen
The coaster
Der ökologische Sektkühler von PROSERVATION
the champagne cooler
Die natürliche Honigglasverpackung von PROSERVATION
the honeyjar packaging

Customised packaging solutions

We develop customised packaging solutions that are tailored to the shape and requirements of your fragile product. We place great emphasis on sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing product development. Due to low tooling costs and limited production capacity, we currently specialise in small batch production.

We are also happy to develop customised gift packaging for special occasions.

The following successfully completed projects will give you an idea of what it is like to work with PROSERVATION on a development project.

Successfully realised projects

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your product needs individual cushion protection?

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Ordering PROSERVATION cushion corners

We offer our protective corners in sales units (PU) of 750 pieces each.

The following table contains the price scale:

quantityunit priceprice per selling unit
750-3.0000,50 €375,00 €
3.750-6.0000,45 €337,50 €
6.750-12.0000,40 €300,00 €
>12.000On request

plus shipping costs



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Bestellung von PROSERVATION Schutzecken

Wir bieten unsere Schutzecke in Verkaufseinheiten (VE) von je 750 Stück an.

Die folgende Tabelle enthält die Preisstaffelung:

MengeStückpreisPreis / VE
750-3.0000,50 €375,00 €
3.750-6.0000,45 €337,50 €
6.750-12.0000,40 €300,00 €
>12.000Auf Anfrage

zzgl. Versandkosten