About us

Our motivated founding team consists of long-time friends Nils Bachmann, Sophia Scherer, Lisa Antonie Scherer and Henning Tschunt (from left to right) and combines different professional backgrounds, experiences and competencies. We are united by the conviction that business has a serving function within society. Together, we pursue the mission of establishing ecologically and economically sound packaging solutions. We are united in our claim to make a proactive contribution to preserving our natural resources – the prerequisites for our economic activity. Therefore, our name PROSERVATION is a neologism that alludes to our basic motivation by borrowing from and combining the terms “preservation” and “pro”.


Our mission statement & values

Our vision is a world in which all packaging is ecologically sound. We are united by the conviction that business has a serving function within society.

We fundamentally reject growth as an end in itself. By focusing on regional value creation, we bypass global competition in terms of time, cost and quality. Instead, we think in terms of local cooperation and look for genuine synergies for the environment and society.

Packaging with reason

PROSERVATION’s mission is to establish ecologically and economically sound packaging solutions. We want to identify opportunities for change and combine the protection of packaged goods with the protection of our natural livelihoods. That is why, from the very beginning, we attach particular importance to ensuring that the change in business we want to stand for follows a coherent and consistent set of values.

Our ideals

That is why we have agreed on five ideals that we prioritize in our business activities and in our dealings with our stakeholders and our natural environment.

Freshness & Creativity

Fresh breeze - originality - novelty - courage

Freshness & Creativity

We would like to provide a breath of fresh air in the industry and and provide new food for thought. To this end, we retain the courage to novelty and originality.

Impact orientation

Impact - Visibility - Communication - Transparency

Impact orientation

Our economic activity should have a positive impact on society. This should be visible and always communicated in a transparent manner.


Optimism - liveliness - gratitude


We are grateful to be a part of this world. That's why we always stay optimistic and inspire ourselves every day to meet real needs with our work.


Authenticity - Holism - Sense of Responsibility


We are aware of our corporate responsibility and attach importance to a holistic approach to our business activities in line with our ideals.


Respect - appreciation - equal treatment


We treat all people equally and always treat our fellow human beings mindfully with openness, respect and appreciation.

Our Team

Portrait Lisa Scherer


Creative mind

Inventor of the material and responsible for material and innovation development and design.

Portrait Nils Bachmann


Analytical mind

Is responsible for finance, business development and the interfaces to the required IT infrastructure.

Portrait Henning Tschunt


Strategic mind

Our managing director and responsible for the strategic direction, corporate philoso­phy and communication.

Portrait Sophia Scherer


Organisational mind

Responsible for project management, marketing as well as further development of the production process.


Technical mind

Moritz studied process engineering and is responsible for the scaling of our production plant.

Portrait Fatou Manneh


Working student: Production

Fatou studies art therapy in Nürtingen and supports us as a working student in the production.

Portrait Laurin Vogt


Head of Production

Laurin is responsible for operational production processes and helps with technical optimization.


Working student: Sales&SCM

Judith supports us as a working student in sales and supply chain management.


We are aware that a change in economic activity in favor of a future worth living is only possible with united forces. Since the pre-founding phase, we have been active in various value-related initiatives and have built up an extensive, cooperative network. Not facing the coming challenges alone gives us a sense of security. We are grateful and welcome any help, because we know that different perspectives will improve the quality of our strategic decisions.


Our Journey
Werde als Erstes über Produktneuheiten und den Projektfortschritt informiert

Our Journey

Be the first to know about new products and the progess of our project

Ordering PROSERVATION cushion corners

We offer our protective corners in sales units (PU) of 750 pieces each.

The following table contains the price scale:

quantityunit priceprice per selling unit
750-3.0000,50 €375,00 €
3.750-6.0000,45 €337,50 €
6.750-12.0000,40 €300,00 €
>12.000On request

plus shipping costs

Bestellung von PROSERVATION Schutzecken

Wir bieten unsere Schutzecke in Verkaufseinheiten (VE) von je 750 Stück an.

Die folgende Tabelle enthält die Preisstaffelung:

MengeStückpreisPreis / VE
750-3.0000,50 €375,00 €
3.750-6.0000,45 €337,50 €
6.750-12.0000,40 €300,00 €
>12.000Auf Anfrage

zzgl. Versandkosten